How to spin as professionals?

How to spin as professionals?

Spinning is not the natural state of man, but with persistence and a desire everything can be achieved.

how to spinOne of the key elements in the modern style of dancing is spinning – especially women, are expected to rotate faster, many times without stagger. An advanced dancer does it with ease, but for beginners and intermediate technical development of spinning is extremely difficult. There are advices that can improve your spinning. However, there are some general rules that you should know before you move around like professionals.

The body

The first thing to understand about spinning is that it is not the natural state of man. You should take steps to prepare your body for rotation. You need really strong muscles, because the truth for spins is that your weight and height maters. Muscle mass, you need to spin, should grow in proportion to your weight and height. Go to the gym to strengthen your muscles!

You need a good balance and the ability to maintain balance. We offer you an exercise in which you can develop your balance. Get on the ball of one foot and bend your knee slightly, try to keep your balance in this position as long as possible. Outstretched arms at your sides and fold them slowly to the abdomen. Put your other foot on the side of the bended knee and twist your foot out at a 45-degree angle. Now try to move into that position up and down. Use your hands to keep your balance. If you do it correctly, you will soon feel the pain in all your muscles, especially in the legs on which you stand. After that you have to repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Slowly and showy

A common mistake with beginners Latin dancers is that they are trying to spin as much and as quickly as possible. One of the most important elements of the spinning is to manage to stop spinning in such a way like you’ve never spun. In other words- a lot of stability and no faltering. To achieve them start small and slow spinning – as fourth rotation of 90 degrees, one in every beat for example. When trying to rotate rapidly and continuously you stagger and fall, eventually just feel bad. Instead of doing it just go slow and glorious to success and enjoy properly implemented partial circulations. That is the foundation on which to build and to take the next step: rotation of 180 degrees.

Most likely you have already heard that your head should be “ahead” body rolling and focusing on one point of balance. You have to use your arms and shoulders, they have to be strengthened, and the other leg should be as possible close as it can to the ground and the foot, which is turning. If this is not helping , we encourage you to visit workshop on spinning, ask your instructor or get video tutorials.