Latin style Jive


Jive Dancing

Ballroom Jive is a dance style in 4/4 time that. It originated in the United States from African-Americans in 1930s. It was presented to the public for the first time as ‘Jive’ in 1934 by Cab Calloway. In competition it is danced at a speed of 176 beats per minute, although in some cases this is reduced to between 128 and 160 beats per minute.

Many of its basic patterns are similar to these of the East Coast Swing with the major difference of highly syncopated rhythm of the Triple Steps (Chasses), which use straight eighths in ECS and hard swing in Jive. Jive is danced to a broad range of popular music that is simple to learn. It has its origins in Lindy hop, but borrows/shares moves from many other dance styles. Its moves are often simpler to learn. Moves are danced on every beat, there is no undanced beat so the dance has a flow to it, that some people prefer.

“The greatest strength of Jive is that, wherever you are, if there is music playing, you are bound to find someone who can jive (it is THAT popular). And if you are confident of your leading abilities, you can even coax complete strangers out onto the dance floor and teach them the basics and have them dancing before the record changes.”

-Mark Stephens