More advices for spinning!

Determination of point


One of the main problems is that most people cannot identify their point properly. The determination of the point is the art to fool the body that it is not spinning while it is actually spinning: roughly a reverse process of watching the film: frames are moving so fast that the brain thinks that the objects in front of him are really moving. The determination of the point can be achieved if you fool your brain to think that you are looking at the same focal point, while at the same time you are spinning. To achieve this, we must look at the head and body as two separate parts, performing distinct actions. Then you only need to practice to watch the selected point as you rotate. Imagine taking a picture every time I look at it. The most important thing is to ignore everything else.

Practice slowly and steadily

mor spining1.Start by selecting a small object to the height of your eyes in front of you and one on the side of your left shoulder. Your goal (point) should be small and to be away from you. For example, the picture angle or corner of the window frame on the other side of the street. Look at the point in front of you, close your eyes, turn your head to the left and slowly open your eyes. Try to find a point over your left shoulder as quickly as possible. Be demanding of yourselves. You will notice that you take some time to focus on the selected point. Now close your eyes and turn your head back so you can look straight. Open your eyes and identify point in front of you. Repeat the process but turn the head slowly.

By counting: close one’s eyes, turn the head of two and three and four open your eyes. Wait until your eyes fixed set point before you return to the previous one. Now accelerate speed gradually while between closing and opening of the eyes only lists “one”. You need to learn to rotate your head quickly without spraining your neck or tilting the head.

Do the same exercise, but now select a point above your right shoulder.

2. Repeat the exercise, but this time open your eyes only to see the point in front of you.

3. Once you master this, you will need to practice staring at a point on your left shoulder to the right shoulder, and miss the point between. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed. Once you are able to perform this exercise in one beat, you are ready to turn your head half a turn.

The most important exercise for determining the point

The time has come to train and eye movement. You should keep your eyes on the point as long as you turn your head. Repeat exercises 1, 2 and 3, but with open eyes fixed on a point as you feel that you are making your muscles to tense and / or you become dizzy. Stop the movement of your head, move your eyes as quickly as possible towards your next point and finish turning your head. Think: “head – eyes – body.” Another useful exercise is to simply move your head from left to right and back again as a fixed point of 45 degrees left and 45 degrees to the left of you. Be disciplined and try not to notice anything between those two points.


Your eyes should be faster than your head, and your head faster than the body. The right way is to turn “body – eye / head (point) – Body.” Practice spinning_ point while holding the head, back and neck straight and follow the target point ahead. Your gaze should reach the point before your body.

Remember to breathe and give yourself breaks whenever you become dizzy or uncomfortable. Give your 20-30 minute break before continuing.